David Nicholson

David Nicholson COLOUR

Why do you volunteer?

Because I really enjoy helping and working with others. It also keeps me active in the community.


Why do you volunteer with the YMCA specifically?

There are very nice people who work and volunteer there. I enjoy working with people in an active living and wellness setting. I always looks forward to his YMCA shifts each week !


What if your favourite thing about volunteering?

I would have to say meeting new staff and members, helping others, and giving back to the community.


What is your YMCA story? What brought you here?

My high school gave me the opportunity to volunteer with the YMCA when I was in grade 11 or 12.  They wanted me to do it to encourage me to talk to other people and improve my social skills.  I love working at the YMCA with such wonderful staff and hope to enjoy many more years there.