Dante Luu

Dante Luu COLOUR

Why do you volunteer?

I volunteer within the youth department, working with the day camp programs. Volunteering is a way for me to learn and acquire new fundamental skills, while still being in a relaxed environment.

Why do you volunteer at the YMCA specifically?

I also enjoy volunteering because it feels good making a kid smile. I volunteer at a YMCA because it is close and also because of its supportive and inclusive environment.

What is your favorite part of volunteering?

My favourite part of volunteering is knowing that I am putting my time to good by positively effecting a child’s life.

What is your Y story? What brought you here?

My YMCA story is unique in the sense that I didn’t choose to volunteer. I got in trouble for not being productive, so my parents signed me up for a day camp called “Ultimate Leaders”. In this program older campers would assist and learn from the day camp councillors. I absolutely loved it. So the following year I came back, but as a volunteer and was able to be a Day camp councillor for the summer, winter and spring camps. That is my YMCA story.