Ben Geddes

Ben Geddes COLOUR

Why do you volunteer?

I volunteer because I have the resources and opportunity to do so. I believe strongly in the good work done by charitable and not for profit agencies and recognise that without individuals pitching in to support these organisations would not be able to provide the services they do to the community. Volunteering allows organisations such as the YMCA to have a greater impact on members of the community that need it most.

Why do you volunteer with the YMCA specifically?

The YMCA has always struck a chords with me, specifically its ability to provide active and healthy programing to kids and youth. I work with many young people in my place of work and recognise the positive impact that physical activity in a social community setting can have. The YMCA provides experiences to many people that may not have access to such experiences. This is very important to me.

What is your favorite thing about volunteering?

The people that you meet. Whilst volunteering at the YMCA I have had the honour and privilege of meeting some of the most fascinating, caring, passionate and wonderful people I’ve ever met. Many of which I will call friends for life. I am the lucky one to have them.

What is your YMCA story? What brought you here?

I came to Canada as an 18 year old to work at Camp Chief Hector YMCA. I came to have an adventure and to build life experiences. It didn’t take long before I fell in love with this country and the people who call it home. I came for 8 months and stayed for 8 years. Ever since the YMCA has been a fundamental part of my life and has allowed me to grow and learn more than I can possibly endeavor to write. In good times and in tough times, including the last year of my life, the YMCA has been a place I can turn to. For everything I have given  to the YMCA it has given back to me tenfold.