The Late Bob Farries

“Bob’s love for the YMCA was always shown through his actions when he was here volunteering.  Bob always had a high five for every preschooler on their way to class, a basketball tip for every youth that borrowed a ball and a genuine and warm greeting for every single member and guest that entered into the facility.  He understood what it meant to provide a sense of belonging to our members here in the North East.”


Written by Bob’s daughter, Nancy Farries

Why did Bob volunteer?

It’s something he did all his life, and encouraged us to do the same. In the past, he was active with The Calgary Stampede, Fort Calgary, The 1988 Olympics, Rotary, and others. He thought it was important and taught us the same.


Why did Bob volunteer at the Y specifically?

He knew it was important to me, (and his son also used to volunteer at the Eau Claire Y) and after volunteering at the Crowfoot YMCA in the late 90s, learned more about the organization and thought it played an important role in the community, and wanted to be involved.


What was Bob’s favorite things about volunteering?

Giving back, which he always thought was important. Plus he was very social so it allowed him to meet and socialize with other people.


What was Bob’s YMCA story? What brought him to the Y?

He first started at Crowfoot when I also worked there. He took a break from the Y for a few years but carried on with other organizations. He worked at the airport into his 80s, and lived nearby so when Saddletowne opened, it was a good location for him. He knew a lot of the members at Saddletowne and grew to really admire the leadership team at the branch and enjoyed his days volunteering there.