Megan Wou


Why do you volunteer?

I love volunteering because seeing other people happy, makes me happy. Volunteering gives me a sense of relief and makes me forget all the challenges in life, and getting to meet new people is an added benefit! I’ve become very close to the staff at the YMCA, to which I can now call them friends.


Why do you volunteer with the YMCA specifically?
I volunteer at the YMCA, because it is like a second home to me. I’ve been going there since the preschool age and ever since then the YMCA gives off positive vibes. Every YMCA that I’ve been to the staff, patrons, and overall atmosphere is comforting.


What is your favorite thing about volunteering?

My favorite thing about volunteering would be helping out the community and making new friends that were once called strangers. As long as I make someone’s day, that’s good enough for me.


What is your YMCA story? What brought you here?

What brought me here was, my parents. They both motivated me to get out there and never gave up on me, as well as convinced me to join multiple courses at the YMCA (mainly aquatic courses) which brought me to volunteering. The YMCA started my passion for swimming and helped me be more confident in myself, but above all to be kind towards others.